If you are interested in other great educational competitions and intercultural opportunities, have a look at some of our partner organizations. IHBB staff members have participated at various levels in all of the following, and fully support the mission of each organization.

AFS Intercultural Programs www.afs.org

AFS is the world’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious exchange student organization. IHBB founder, David Madden spent the best six months of his life as an exchange student with AFS in Vienna, Austria. AFS offers students and teachers the opportunity to spend up to a year in a foreign country while living with a host family, attending a local school, becoming fluent in a foreign language, bolstering your college application resumé, and most of all – making friends for life. And with the growth of IHBB, you can still likely compete in our tournaments wherever you go!

ACE Quizbowl Campwww.acequizbowlcamp.com

If you are looking to improve your game over the summer, ACE Quizbowl camp in the USA offers the best way to do just that. ACE offers history courses, practice sessions, and tournament-style play to improve your history skills while having fun with other competing students. IHBB staff serve in the summer as directors, teachers, and coaches at ACE Camp, and numerous students who have won national titles in the USA have attended. ACE welcomes students from around the world and offers courses that focus on world history (in addition to the history of the USA).

International Youth Leadership Conferencewww.czechleadership.com

The International Youth Leadership Conference is held annually during the summer in Prague in the Czech Republic. It features a great variety of field trips, debates, discussion groups, simulations, and social events for young people around the world interested in global affairs and international relations. IHBB Executive Director David Madden attended the 2003 International Youth Leadership Conference and had a great experience.

International Geography Olympiadhttp://japan-igeo.com/english/

Many students who enjoy studying history also enjoy studying geography. The International Geography Olympiad is held annually for the top geography students from high schools around the world. Students must qualify through a national qualifying competition. If your country has a competition, you can find a link to it (or people who would know how to contact your national organizer) through the Geography Olympiad website. If there’s no competition for your country, talk to your geography or social studies teacher, and have them contact the Geography Olympiad organizers to see if there’s a way to get your country involved.

World Scholar’s Cupwww.scholarscup.org

The World Scholar’s Cup is a multi-faceted competition for students, with events in debate, subject examinations, quizzes, social events, and more. Particularly widespread throughout Asia, the World Scholar’s Cup has grown significantly in recent years and always welcomes participation from new schools. Contact them to see how you and your school might be able to compete.